Interra Home Server is designed to control the entire automation system from a single smart point. Home Server can control complex systems such as switches, simple sensors, lighting, heating systems, camera, and alarm systems from a central point. It provides mobile control via Interra Pro mobile application. It can be configured with Interra Configurator without ETS software.

Main Functions:

• EIO (Ethernet Input / Output) or KNX automation systems can be controlled

• Operations can be made according to daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or determined schedules via the timer feature

• Security systems can be controlled via mobile and panel applications

• Available cameras can be displayed

• Unlimited logic operations can be created

• Push notifications to mobile applications are immediately sent in the event of notification via Google or Apple Cloud. 

• All IoT compatible devices can be controlled

• With HomeServer, the house can be controlled with mobile software via voice command assistant Apple Siri.

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INTERRA Products

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Interra KNX Server Series

ITR800-0001 // Home Server

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